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Good Leaders Don’t Ignore Their Personal Lives December 15, 2015

Posted by TelUS Consulting Services in Job Opportunities.

Good leaders put aside their own needs for the good of the organization — but that doesn’t mean they completely sacrifice their personal lives. Leaders who subjugate their need for exercise, sleep, and recreation eventually succumb to brownout: the graduated loss of energy, focus, and passion.

Brownout is often imperceptible to outsiders, but it affects a significant percentage of the executive population. Today’s superstar leaders supplement their commitment to others with an equally important commitment to themselves. Whether it’s promising you’ll stick to your exercise routine, enjoy hobbies, eat dinner with your family, or reflect on what’s important to you, putting aside time for yourself makes you a better, more fully realized version of yourself.

Start by making one small but meaningful promise to yourself — and keep it. If you’re successful, try another promise. It shouldn’t take long for the performance benefits to be obvious.

Now to just listen to my own advice….


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