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Define Roles on Your Next Project October 20, 2014

Posted by TelUS Consulting Services in Social Media.

So you’ve  pulled together a winning team, and you’ve set timely and manageable team project goals. Now you need to establish the roles that each member will play. Not having this conversation can lead to confusion, multiple people trying to jump on the same task, turf battles, etc. Avoid this headache by explicitly laying out who will do what – and define what it means to succeed in each role. You need:

  • A project manager to set a timeline and hold members accountable.
  • Subject matter specialists to organize and lead larger portions of the project, like doing research or analysis.
  • The PM should record all key decisions and document team progress.
  • The PM should inform stakeholders (clients, boss, customers) about team activities – and share stakeholder thoughts with the team.


I feel certain I have left out a few other highlights however following the above guideline will ensure a successful on-time project implementation.


Joe Buck, NCE

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