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And now the Cable Companies jump in –  Comcast plans usage-based system for broadband customers May 25, 2012

Posted by TelUS Consulting Services in Data Networking catagory.

Comcast plans to end its 250-gigabyte limit on data for broadband subscribers in favor of a tiered system in which heavy users would pay more. The cable giant will test two pricing plans over the next few months, with one granting 300 GB of usage each month to Internet Essentials, Economy and Performance tiers, and bigger data limits for higher tiers, and the other trying out a 300 GB cap for all users. Under both scenarios, users who go over the caps would pay about $10 for each additional 50 GB of data.

Interesting how they sell us products and services that consume such high bandwidth, all the while lulling us into believing that watching a movie or TV on on IPAD is free. And once they have a generation hooked, they go to a pay as you use it bandwidth plan to suck the life out of our wallets. And all this time we thought that Skype, Vonage and the like was the wave of the future because it was cheaper. Hang on America, your about to get the short end again…

Joe Buck, NCE

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