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Tips for a Successful Business Pitch October 12, 2011

Posted by TelUS Consulting Services in Job Opportunities.

Before you make that pitch, remember that investors are more likely to support an entrepreneur who’s professional, well prepared, and knows their numbers. Here are three tips to be just that:

• Prepare, prepare, prepare. Before you present, gather background information on prospective investors using Google and social media. If you know your audience you can engage them on a personal level. While jokes may work, I have found that intelligent conversation regarding the business of your audience works best.

• Tell your business’s story. Start with a problem or the opportunity and then show how your proposition will fix it. How does what you do fill that void? Make sure it’s something the investor can relate to.

• Back up your pitch with data. Investors are primarily interested in facts. Be sure your numbers make sense. Be prepared for in-depth questions on turnover, sales figures, break-even points, and gross and net margins.

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