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Polycom offers Interoperability with Cisco TIP February 14, 2011

Posted by TelUS Consulting Services in Data Networking catagory.

A quick scan of headlines over the last year will show that if there is one company with a serious interest in promoting interoperability, it would be Polycom (Nasdaq: PLCM). Today the company has announced that the Polycom UC Intelligent Core solution has added Cisco’s (Nasdaq: CSCO) Telepresence Interoperability Protocol (TIP) to its list of compatible systems.

Changes in Polycom’s UC Intelligent Core platform will soon enable customers to deploy multi-vendor UC solutions and protect their investments in legacy third-party systems. The move provides a interesting point in the world of interoperability as a company which prides itself on its own telepresence systems is making the jump to allow its customers to use a competitor’s products on their platform. Of course the move goes both ways. Polycom adopting TIP means liberation for some Cisco customers who haven’t been able to adopt competitive products to work with their systems.

While Polycom has been active in the founding of the UCIF, which serves to guide interoperability rather than promote a particular industry standards, Cisco has offered up its TIP to the industry turning it over to the International Multimedia Teleconferencing Consortium to make it available to all companies. The Polycom TIP announcement could be construed as a shot across the bow in the interoperability fights, with Cisco taking some heat of late for promoting a single-vendor vision. The company, however, maintains that it has released its TIP standard to promote interoperability and industry growth.

The value for customers is to enable any-to-any multi-screen interoperability so that there are more people to talk to. This is helping customers leverage Metcalfe’s Law that builds the overall market. Cisco is committed to interoperability between Cisco TelePresence products and competitive multi-screen video communications devices, including Polycom.

Way to go Polycom, raise the bar for the big boys and provide great value for the customer. That’s the way to run a company and ensure longevity in the marketplace. This could go a long way at promoting video presence in the market.

Joe Buck, NCE

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