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The New American Dream? September 3, 2010

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RESEARCH REVEALS EMERGENCE OF RADICAL NEW INDIVIDUALISM – Sustainability is the new happiness. Here are some slightly edited quotes and info from this article:

Among the study’s key findings is that “having it all” is an unrealistic goal,

  • 75% said they would rather get out of the rat race than climb the corporate ladder,
  • 76% would spend more time with family than make more money.
  • 92% say they are using coupons,
  • 91% are shopping at cheaper/discount stores and
  • 90% are buying more store brands.

Many people feel the recession is not their problem. They say that they are in control themselves, but see others spending and consuming too much and feel they need to change their habits. Importantly, they believe that it is the consumer who will get the country out of the recession, not the government or the banks. People are feeling a distrust of banks. Prioritizing your life based on money is seen as a sure way to be disappointed since the pursuit of money is often reliant on factors outside of consumers’ control. They have gone down this road before and are saying that they are not necessarily happier or better off as a result. You can read this intensely interesting article at:


Joe Buck, N.C.E.

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