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Who writes everything down? May 3, 2010

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You are 37% more likely to do something if you write it down –It increases the odds of success better than 1 in three. Write down your goals, your vision, your to-do list, your bucket list, your shopping list, your longing for’s…
Writing it down also allows you to shift gears quickly throughout the day. Your daily list helps keep you on track amidst distractions and emergencies, and allows you not to lose track of your priorities for the day.

Taking time to write it down also saves more time than it spends. For every minute you spend planning your day, you save 1-4 minutes of implementation. This means a 15-minute planning time can save you 1-3 hours per day.

Now you know why to write it down, are you taking notes?

Mack Arrington, PCC
ICF Certified, Business and Personal Coach
Email: thecoach@mackarrington.com

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