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Verizon Business adding features to Wholesale VoIP product April 16, 2010

Posted by TelUS Consulting Services in VoIP catagory.

Verizon Business has adding the SIP Gateway Outbound Service to its VoIP wholesale product list. The new addition uses virtual rather than physical trunking to achieve higher transfer and processing speeds, which in turn delivers more calling options, faster service initiation and faster long-distance call processing, says Verizon.

Gary Elliott, senior project manager for the SIP product, said it completed beta testing around a month ago, and customers have already started using the new system.

“SIP Gateway Outbound Service provides scalable and cost-effective solutions to customers moving to SIP or VoIP offerings from TDM services,” Elliott said. “The flexibility for the customer in routing traffic with Gateway Outbound is a big positive that makes it competitive in the market.”

SIP Gateway Outbound Service allows calls to originate from URI and URL Internet formats, as well as the traditional numbering format. It also offers compatibility with Remote Party ID signaling configuration, in addition to the P-asserted ID signaling configuration, which previous iterations of the SIP client have supported.

Elliott said other companies charge their customers extra to have both configurations accepted, or only support one.

“It’s just an example of how we try to do everything to make it easier for customers to get the best possible service for the lowest price,” Elliott said. “I think Verizon’s offerings just have more bang for your buck than other competitors in the space, and the SIP Gateway Outbound Service is another step in making our product line even more robust.”

For more: – see the Verizon press release about its outbound SIP gateway

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