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XO announces 40Gbs service launch across U.S. March 29, 2010

Posted by TelUS Consulting Services in CLEC catagory.

XO is leveraging its sizeable U.S.-based metro optical networking holdings to debut a nationwide 40 Gbps network service. Available to both large enterprise and wholesale customers, XO says the 40 Gbps capabilities are aimed at satisfying the insatiable demand for high bandwidth and low latency connectivity.

Two industry verticals where XO’s 40 Gbps service will resonate are the financial industry and wireless operators. Driving out latency has been a major driver for financial trading companies where one millisecond of delay could mean loss of business. Likewise, wireless operators can purchase the service on a wholesale basis to support the constant growth of mobile traffic that’s coming from their respective migrations to 3G and 4G LTE-based wireless networks.

Included in XO’s 40 Gbps service suite are a 40 Gbps wavelength service and a 40 Gbps IP Transit service. Instead of purchasing multiple 10 Gbps links, the 40 Gbps wavelength service enables customers to purchase one 40 Gbps link to establish network connections between two locations. Similarly, the 40 Gbps IP Transit services also eliminates the need to oversee multiple dedicated Internet access (DIA) services by aggregating a large amount of Internet traffic over one connection.

TelUS Consulting and our partner Razorpoint are agents for XO services. Call us to discuss what this new product can mean for your organization.

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